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A killing we will go!!

Christmas for Bobo

“Ah, smell the fresh blood, the warm afterglow of the fireballs. Yes, the blood of my enemies soaks my axe.” Bobo smiles at the thoughts running through him of his recent epic battle with the small orcish horde.

When first we came upon the orcs, Bobo screamed a warcry and hurled a javelin gutting an orc and spilling its lifeblood out with a single throw. Encountering a group of the orcs, Bobo felt like it was time to let the slaughter run.

At no time did Timmy think this was going to be as simple of an encounter with stupid orcs. Timmy knew that there was bigger fish to fry. After letting Bobo slay a few orcs and orogs, Timmy saw an opportunity to cross the battlefield and go after bigger game. A giant!! surely this would be an epic challenge.

When Timmy got to the giant, however, he noticed that it was confounded and dazed. At the same time, two of the Orc Chieftains started to bitch to each other about how it was all the other chieftain’s fault.

At this time, one of the Chieftain’s threw a fireball at the other and the two began to fight. Seeing an opening, Sluggo quietly walked up behind the Orc Cheiftain who had been riding a worg and hacked into his back, dropping the fool Orc and teaching him not to turn his back on Sluggo.

The other Orcish Cheiftain looked at Bobo with much anger since Bobo had just removed the Orc’s chance to kill his former Chieftain comrade. Bobo took this in stride and swung his axe cleaving a large gash into the Chieftain’s chest. Another member of the party swung at that Chieftain and hit him in the back weakening him to the point of death. The mad Orcish Chieftain’s death action was to start casting another fireball to smote all those around him. Timmy noticed the chanting start and new that a good smack to the head with Bobo’s axe would knock that nonsense out of that and with that, BOOM!! second dead orc chieftain.

It was like it was Christmas in June.


Why after reading this I picture Timmy in a deadpool outfit with crayons…and shoop being played in the background….????

A killing we will go!!

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