The Arena - Pathfinder after dark - Sparta games

Attack on the Orc Outpost

a.k.a. Terra the Tree Lizard

How do I keep ending up in these situations? I am an Alchemist, not someone suited to fighting in a GIANT DEATH MATCH WITH ORCS. Because of this, I chose not to argue with someone less than half my size ordering me to climb up into a tree and stay there. I must have looked so bizarre in that tree. I still don’t know how it managed not to break and how I managed to climb it in the first place. After the team moved out of sight I jumped over a few trees to keep close. First time went perfectly. Second time I managed to fall out of the new tree onto my face. As soon as I had stood up I found multiple arrows hitting me, thus encouraging me to run to the rest of the team. I finally caught up to them at the edge of the forest. I could feel every cut on my body ache as I gazed out onto the open plain that was a veritable DEATH TRAP with all of the Orcs, so I decided I wasn’t going to do that and get myself murdered. I guzzled down my lovely Terra’s Terrific Transportation and sunk down into the ground below. By doing so I eliminated the risk of being brutally murdered and it allowed me to stab Orcs in the feet with my dagger. Watching them dance was highly amusing. I mostly ignored what was going on with the chieftains, instead focusing instead trying my hardest to be useful by stabbing Orcs in the feet. When the Troll(?) went down I knew I had to have at least some of his bones. They were large enough to be an excellent source of bonemeal, and I would fight the little feral girl for some if I had to. Luckily I didn’t. Not much else to say about that. We won, I got bones, the girl got the rest of them, everybody but the Orcs are happy. The end.



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