The Arena - Pathfinder after dark - Sparta games

First meeting

The group awoke to a series of small rooms, the last thing they remembered was being….elsewhere….the goblin started ransacking the food and tossing some to the halfling, the young noble in the corner pulled out his rapier and took up a defensive stance unsure of his surroundings. After a moment the room started to pull them all together now matter how hard they fought the urge, when they got formed into a circle in the center they all noticed they glowed with energy and then a flash…

They found themselves floating on a rock island in the void of nothingness a few other smaller islands chained to the mainland, around them where cases of weapons and armor of power, on a smaller island stood a tall four armed creature that spoke into their minds, Scarlett tried to communicate with the creature, however IT (the goblin) decided the dagger was too tempting and crossed over for it. The creature pounced onto the mainland and started throwing adventures into the void…..



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