The Arena - Pathfinder after dark - Sparta games

First trip to the forest

Our groups first trip with our new mentor into the forest.


I Kiari of the forest have found myself in curious company. The elvan man I found wandering in my forest one day has gained a few hangers on. A stubborn and halfling who loves to climb him like a tree, a war preistess who thinks herself in love with him, and a goblin child. The last is the one who troubles me. I know the child has a proper name, but the thing insists on being called It. Now we have been transported to a different dimension, i the charge of a higher ranking priestess of the green faith. We are apparently now to find objects of our faith that have gone missing. It has become facinated by my scent and has insisted that I am a werewolf. I am not a wolf. He has taken to lacing my food with metal that I can only assume is silver. One of these days I will show It what I really am just to scare him.

First trip to the forest

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