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My day with the drunken warpriestess

Hand up the warkilt

Bobo- We got into the village and I immediately went about looking for the local tavern. I found the local constable, a hot looking female warrior and asked her “Bobo need drinks. Where be tavern?” As an afterthought, cause I could, I said, “You are good-looking, want to have a drink with me?”

Sadly, this silky fleshed she-beast of a goddess said “No, I am not interested, but you can find the tavern over there.” And she pointed to the local tavern,.

Bobo gathered his comrades to partake in a refreshing beverage and said, “Come, we drink and get information.” The war priestess and the boy wonder rogue agreed and followed Bobo to the local tavern.

When entering the tavern, Sluggo looked around and immediately looked for locations open against the wall of the tavern, but there being none available, Bobo strolled up to the bar and said, “Give me your best ale and one for my friends as well.” to the bartender, a fellow of Orcish appearance and almost as tough as Bobo is at his finest.

The Orcish bartender provided the three of us a drink that he said was the best that he had. As Bobo slammed the ale, savoring the fine taste, he felt a fire running through his veins. Timmy wanted to get a wine, but Bobo ignored that nonsense. Pious was annoyed at Bobo’s lack of control and shamed at his apparent drunkenness.

As the alcohol kicked in, Sluggo was watching a drunken figure at the bar wondering if he might know about the sigil the team was looking for. Next to Sluggo, the warpriestresses was starting to show signs of affection to Bobo. She reached over to proclaim her desires to Bobo, but Sluggo was so busy with watching this mark that he barely noticed as the warpriestess slide her hand up Bobo’s warkilt.

Bobo, being a man of action, of course, would have taken the warpriestess for a ride, but Sluggo was to busy to allow the distraction. As the warpriestess started to reach towards Bobo’s manhood, the meanly Orcish bartender told them they needed to get out of the tavern as their actions were inappropriate.

Sluggo, annoyed that he wasn’t able to talk to the mark, got up and went over, while the warpriestess still clung to Bobo. Sluggo, knowing that conversation was going to be needed, said, “Hi I am Timmy the fire wizard. We are looking for the sigil.”

Bobo, knowing that Timmy’s talks were boring and not going to get anywhere said, “You will tell us what we need to know or I will slam your head against the bar!” in an intimidating manner. Being slightly tipsy, Bobo’s normally excellent sense of intimidation failed miserably and only upset the mark and the Orcish bartender. Being angry, the orcish bartender muscles up to Bobo to intimidate him, but Pious, being wise beyond his years, saw through the Orc’s intimidation attempts and laughed at the Orc.

At this time, with the warpriestress clinging to Bobo’s strongly muscled leg, Timmy said, “My dear, we are friends and compatriot’s but now is not the time for Bobo and you to mate.” With that, the team felt it was time to leave the tavern in continued pursuit of the sigil, as the boy wonder rogue had gotten information from the mark due to the Sluggo’s distraction that he had pulled off with the warpriestess at the expense of Bobo’s missing “happy happy sexy time.”



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