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Orcs are weird

Why didn’t I listen to mother and stay with the group. She said that following the elf and talking to it would get me into trouble. So now I am who knows where helping to fight orcs. Getting called a werewolf by an oni-born, and finding a surprisingly intelligent but feral halfling who will attack anything she thinks will take away her food. As she is gifted of the kami I will take her under my wing and do my best to help communication with the others. Snowbell still has the unhealthy facination with Scarlett. While I have somehow lost all diplomatic speech when speaking with nobles of other races, as I insulted to her face the queen of the merfolk. Thankfully she was forgiving and gave us a gauntlet that helped to bring back a fallen foe during the battle with the orcs. It seems that whoever is putting these groups together to torment the village, is not takng into account their inherent prejudices. Well all to our advantage then. Gotta go IT and Sul are playing a game that my very well turn everyones stomach. Flinging poo at flies to try and catch them.



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