The Arena - Pathfinder after dark - Sparta games

The journal of Cole Maxwell,

Day 2

Thus I found myself with the young lord Afon and a heard of peasants back in the dry dusty wastes of Osirion, a place I had honestly hoped to never be again, surrounded by a multitude of unwashed peasants. When I tripped in my slightly drunken state a was assaulted by some abnormally large desert person, who I promptly ignored while trying to determine a way to get myself and Afon back to our own lands.
Being told that we had to fetch some bauble or something from within a twisting winding canyon. Afon and I, being the only ones with any skill in climbing or apparently stealth climbed the side of the canyon to scout ahead, lest the religious type having a fit of some sort walk into an ambush with the rest of his flock.
As we scouted ahead we saw bones and heard the clicking of giant insects of some kind. As we prepared an ambush we were snatched to a different place by a being of unholy darkness. Once there Afon and I were forced to fend of the advances of some truly hideous female creatures. After killing one, the lead wench pressed her attentions on me which I duly rebuffed first by stabbing her and then kicking her in the unmentionables when that didn’t work.
She mistook my attempts at fending her off as encouragement and thus tried to eat my face. After that its all a blur until coming awake back where the whole horrible day started.



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